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• President: Richonda Hunte

• 1st VP of Volunteers: Ebonii Bell

• 2nd VP of Membership: Mitzi Behnke

• 3rd VP of Ways and Means: Stephanie Tsao

• Secretary: Abby Vincent

• Treasurer: Diana Overhauser

2023-2024 PTSA Board

If you have any questions, please email us and we'll direct you to the right person. 


PTSA Meetings


President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer are all elected officers. All other officers and chairs are appointed volunteer positions. Email the Nominating Committee.

Restricted to Board Members: Closed Facebook Group  |  Webpage


President   VP of Volunteers   VP of Membership
Jeri Duncan   Ebonii Bell   Richonda Hunte
Email | Webpage  
Email | Webpage
Email | Webpage
VP of Ways & Means   Secretary   Treasurer
Vinuta Nagaraddi   Abby Vincent   Paula Heston
Email | Webpage
Communications   Community Outreach   Council Delegate 
Corey Maddux    Gina Goudy   OPEN
Email | Webpage  
Fall & Spring Stay Day   HOCO & Prom Coat Check   Hospitality
Jennifer Mueller   Robin Reisfield   Stephanie Tsao
Email   Email HOCO: 9/23 Prom: 4/13   Email | Webpage 
Parliamentarian   Reflections   Scholarships
OPEN   Sreelatha Pillai   Tiffany Bush
Email   Email | Webpage   
Email | Webpage 
Senior Celebration   Senior Parking   Spirit Wear
Suzi Ferenczhalmy   Susan Rice   Shantelle Casey
Email | Webpage 
  Email | Webpage   Email | Webpage
Principal   Associate Principal    
Mr. David Jones
  Robert Eppler    
  Email | Webpage
Email | Webpage