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The Plano East Senior High School PTSA aims to promote school spirit and support our graduating seniors by featuring them as the "Senior of the Week" on our social media channels. This policy outlines the guidelines and requirements for submitting a photo of a graduating senior in their Plano East uniform.

Previous Seniors of the Week

NOTE: The dates and times in the graphics below are from previous occurrences.



  1. Submissions must be for current 2023-2024 Plano East Senior High School seniors.
  2. The student must be a member of the Plano East Senior High School PTSA. Join now.
  3. The submitting individual must be a legal guardian of the student.
  4. The student must be in their uniform unless it is to promote a performance or competition. For instance, a choir concert, play, or a debate competition. 

Submission Process

By submitting the photo, the legal guardian grants permission to the PESH PTSA to use the student's image and first name in all PTSA's public social media channels.

 Submission Form & Consent

Selection and Schedule

  1. The PESH PTSA will review all submissions and verify the senior is a PTSA member.
  2. One senior will be selected as the "Senior of the Week" and featured on PTSA's social media channels.
  3. The selection will be random, but based on a fair rotation among different groups to ensure equal representation.
  4. The "Senior of the Week" will be announced in our social media channels based on a promotion of a PESH game or event.
  5. By participating in the "Senior of the Week" photo submission, the legal guardian agrees to comply with the above policy.
  6. Parents or legal guardians may not be notified in advance of their senior's selection prior to the announcement being made on our social media channels.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact Corey Maddux, our PTSA communications and social media chair, at