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Know a PESH supporter dedicated to our community and committed to outstanding service? Nominate them for the PTA Lifetime Membership Award or Extended Service Award!

The Texas PTA's Honorary Life Member Award is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon an individual by the Texas PTA for outstanding contributions to the well being of children and youth.

2023-2024 Honorees

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Nominations are closed until 2025.


While an individual may receive multiple Texas PTA Honorary Life Member and Extended Service Awards, they should not receive more than one from the same PTA.


The recipient of an Honorary Life Member Award does not have to be a PTSA member, nor must the service for which the honor has been bestowed be connected with the PTSA. The only requirement for receiving this honor is that the recipient is making, or has made, a worthwhile contribution to the well being of children and youth.


Please review the previous life award recipients list below to help determine the eligibility of potential awardees.

National PTA Life Achievement Award

May 2023


Congratulations to former PESH Principal, George King, on receiving this highest honor from the nation’s largest child advocacy association. Mr. King daily lived out his 40-year career committed to children.


2022-2023 HONOREES

2021-2022 HONOREES


The following individuals in our community have been recognized at PESH and are therefore not eligible for Honorary Life Member Award. 


* Extended Service Award Honoree

** National PTA Life Achievement Award Honoree


List validated from Texas PTA on February 1, 2024 and updated with PESH's 23-24 honorees:


Delinda Dudley 2006   George King ** 2016
Roger Ezell 2006   Sally Moore 2016
Karen Bowen 2007   Kevin Welborn 2017
Tami Jent 2007   Melody Semler * 2017
Marylou Buntyn 2008   Cyndy Schrader * 2018
Rick Saigling 2008   Cynthia (CJ) Fletcher 2018
Connie Seelhorst 2009   Mary Rohr 2019
Pauline Sinnamon 2009   Mona Davis 2019
Barbara Meek 2010   Robert Eppler 2019
Charles Daniel (Dan) Rasor 2010   Abby Cole 2020
Cindy Nye 2010   Sherri Campbell 2020
Lucile Haug 2010   Julie Richard* 2021
Forrest Dillon 2011   Carol Atkins 2021
Lavonda Nugent 2011   Ryan Albert 2021
Betsy Thomas 2012   Anthony Ruttenburg 2022
Jennifer Miller 2012   Susan Rice * 2022
Denice Burke 2013   Amy Johnson* 2023
Evelio Villarreal 2013   Erica Johnson * 2023
Debbie Weaver 2014   Paula Heston * 2023
Elaine Platt * 2014   Joseph "Joe" Russell 2024
Jennifer Boland 2015   John Brennan 2024
Jenny McConaughy 2015   Corey Maddux * 2024
Tricia Doxey 2015   Sreelatha Pillai * 2024


If you have any questions, please contact the Texas PTA Honorary Life Member Chair at vpmembership@planoeastptsa.org